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COVID-19 Update: No walk-ins are allowed at this time. Please call 860-578-5871 to setup a consultation. All vehicles are sanitized upon arrival, and all work areas and tools are regularly disinfected using current CDC guidelines. All disinfectants used at the shop are approved for use against coronavirus.

Please note the new service menus. Further information is available on the Services page.

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T44 Detailing is a culmination of 10 years automotive restoration and detailing experience.

T44 gets its name from the “Type 44” Chassis Audis that started my passion for restoring and detailing vehicles! Combine this with a love for all things clean and incorporation of my tried-and-true products and methods, the end result for your vehicle will be nothing but spectacular. When you choose T44 Detailing, expect prompt communication, honesty, and a strict quality standard. I hope to earn your trust and respect through my work!

Just one of the Audis you will meet when you stop by the shop!

I have three priorities as a detailer: 

  1. Offer quality service at a fair price, ensuring a good return on investment.
  2. Manage client expectations given current vehicle condition and educate with facts.
  3. Continue to reassess and improve details through client feedback and self-reflection.
The New Mobile Detail Vehicle

What sets me apart from other detailers?

Proper detailing is a labor-intensive process, which requires prior experience, a trained eye, and undivided attention to deliver the best work possible. While there are plenty of detailers who will deliver acceptable service in a time and budget restriction, there will always be the temptation (or requirement) to cut corners. I approach my details as an “all-or-nothing” service: nothing leaves the shop untouched, and I am willing to work as long as it possibly takes to get your vehicle just right.

T44 Detailing specializes in older vehicle reconditioning, show-car preparation, professional ceramic coatings, and paint correction services. I encourage interested parties to setup a consultation at the shop to examine and discuss your vehicle and gain confidence in my work by viewing my award-winning fleet of show vehicles.

As a one-man-act, I take on a maximum of three vehicles per week to ensure proper energy and time is devoted to your detail. This in turn can create limited availability during busy times of year. However, I try and answer all phone calls and inquiries within several hours to ensure proper communication, and will try to best accommodate your schedule!

Quick FAQs:

Where are you located? Can I visit the shop without an appointment?

  • T44 Detailing is located in Suffield, CT. As the shop does not have a public storefront, walk-ins are not allowed. Once you make an appointment, specific directions will be given as access is shared with private property.

How do I schedule service?

  • Please visit the Services page for complete information. You may then proceed to schedule service here through Square Appointments or call to discuss any questions you may have prior to booking. All shop services now require booking online through Square with a valid credit card.

What is your appointment cancellation/no show policy?

  • Appointments rescheduled less than 48 hours in advance are subject to a $75.00 fee. No-shows or cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. By confirming an appointment with T44 Detailing LLC you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.

I need my car detailed today. Is that possible?

  • Generally, I am unable to accommodate same-day requests. During the shop’s busy times of year (May-October), appointments can begin to book out several weeks, so call early to ensure best availability!

I’d like a mobile detail. What do I need to know?

  • T44 Detailing offers mobile details on a case-by-case basis. Usually, mobile service is reserved for vehicles I have already detailed that are setup on a maintenance plan. Otherwise, mobile details are offered as quick touch-up services May-August. Water and power access are required at your location, and a covered structure/garage may be recommended. Mobile services are capped at 4 hours and are not as extensive as shop-based details. At arrival I will discuss what can realistically be done in the given timeframe and price. Items such as isolated scratch repair and interior stain removal may be added to a mobile detail, but services like entire vehicle polishing and coatings are shop-only.

I have scratches in my paint. Can you help?

  • Yes! I offer solutions for anything from minor swirl marks, scuffs from parking lot mishaps, to full vehicle paint enhancement & correction. Most paint services require shop appointments – please get in touch for a consultation or provide pictures via text/email.

What is a ceramic coating? Do I need it?

  • I no longer use traditional natural or synthetic waxes and sealants in my details, and instead offer ceramic-based products for vehicle protection. Ceramic (Si02) products offer an incredible shine with increased durability over previous last-step protection methods. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about these coatings as DIY/over-the-counter ceramic-style products that have recently flooded the market. These are still not the same as true ceramic coatings which are resistant to light scratching and environmental damage, take hours to prep, and must be done by a professional. Professional ceramic coatings in 2-year or 5-year protection options are offered at Prestige only. To maintain this level of protection, we will setup periodic check-in appointments and add a “booster” to the coating as needed. All other details receive a quick-ceramic coating that still provides anywhere from 6-12 months (depending on vehicle use) of protection and easier cleaning with no additional maintenance required during that period. Some vehicles are great candidates for a proper ceramic coating, while others may not be. Let me know how you use your vehicle and I can recommend what’s best for your situation.

I have an extremely sensitive show car and I don’t use anything but traditional wax by hand – what solutions do you have?

  • I understand there are some situations, especially on vintage or high-value vehicles, where owners have specific requests for details such as no machine polishing, special wheel cleaning methods, etc. I do reserve a small arsenal of high-end traditional supplies for this purpose. At the time of consultation, please make any special instructions known and I will try to accommodate them to the best of my ability.

How are your prices determined?

  • While pricing on the Service Menu is offered as a guideline, there are many factors to each individual detail that may increase pricing. Sand, excessive mud, and pet hair are just some of the items that may be surcharged as they require more time. An accurate estimate can only be given with an in-person consultation.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

  • You may pay for services with cash or credit/debit card through Square. Checks are not accepted for first-time clients. All services are subject to 6.35% CT sales tax.

When do I need to pick my vehicle up?

  • Once your vehicle’s service is completed, prompt pickup at our agreed upon time is appreciated. I try to keep your freshly cleaned vehicle as spotless as possible by refraining from parking it outside. However, if you are more than 1 hour late from the agreed pickup time, your vehicle may be moved out of the garage to begin the next detail.

Do you perform other services outside of automotive detailing?

  • While I currently accept all passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and most non-commercial trucks, I do not perform services on boats, buses, trailers, or RVs. I do not offer mechanical repair services or body shop items such as painting or dent removal, nor do I tint windows or install accessories. I can, however, recommend local shops that can provide these services for your vehicle.

Other Questions? Call 860-578-5871.