Once construction is completed on the new garage, this page will serve as a gallery of all Audi Sport items. Even if you’re far away, you can still “visit” the collection!

Completion Expected Early August 2019

Vehicles require a lot of space, and that space needs to be workable. 2019 is a year of expansion: and by early August the new garage will be completed to alleviate all of our present challenges and create three effective workspaces.

T44West: The New Garage

“Big Red” Measures 40′ x 60′ and is a full service building that incorporates the T44Brian museum, workshop, and lounge. Leaving the interior without partitions allows a fully reconfigurable space, but for now, the planned layout is split into 6 equal sections.

Workshop: Located in the left front section of the garage, this is where all repairs and maintenance will be completed. Will feature a car lift and organized parts storage.

Dad’s Workshop: My veteran diesel and heavy equipment mechanic father has elected to take the right front corner of the garage, which helps control “dirty” work to the front.

Lounge: The left middle section of the garage is reserved for a living room-like experience. Comfortable wingback chairs, a bar, and a turntable allow 44West to not only be a place of work, but a place of coffee and conversation. Who knows: I may even throw in some arcade-style items in the future, too.

Flex: The right middle section is an open area. Effectively, this is a staging/detailing area for museum vehicles or where two vehicles could be parked in the event of overflow.

Museum: The left and right rear sections are reserved for Audi memorabilia displays and the cars. Up to 4 vehicles can be stored in this area. A detailing cabinet and other upright displays will be towards the rear wall.

T44East: The Home Garage

Down the street is the current 2-car garage at my residence, which was renovated along with my house in 2016. Now that we have T44West, I can go back to parking my current daily driver indoors, along with another Audi or my wife’s vehicle in inclement weather. This also downgrades T44East to a clean-area only: no mechanical work will be further performed here. The current detailing cabinet will remain and I will split the Audi memorabilia on the shelves so that some can go down the street.

The OG Garage: Parts and Overflow

The original 20’x20′ work garage, also known as “Little White,” still remains off to the side of T44West. This is for parts overflow/storage of oversize items and any parts vehicles I am currently dismantling.