The Need for a Fast Daily Driver Strikes

I’m at my best when I have my nice Audis tucked away and have something to enjoy. After a string of Mercedes 210 wagons and using a B3 with no air conditioning and tons of problems as a commuter, it was time to get something different. After enjoying the freshly finished and restored V8 Quattro on a drive to a car show, I felt going V8 and a little newer would scratch the itch for something a little different, while keeping relatively in the Classic Audi family.


2003 Audi S8 (Production ) 4.2L V8 (AYS) | 5-Speed Tiptronic

Avus Silver Metallic LY7J | Burgundy Leather

MSRP (With Dealer Installed Accessories): $77,799

Origin Dealer: Beverly Hills Porsche-Audi, Beverly Hills, CA

Factory Options: On-Star

Dealer Installed Accessories: None

Member of T44Brian Since 4/29/2022

Special Plate: NOMATIC

Status: Daily Driver (Non-Permanent Collection)

Odd & Unique About This Car: The final run of the D2 S8 vehicles in the United States was limited to 300 vehicles, with 100 of each made in either Avus/Burgundy, Ming Blue/Platinum, and Brilliant Black/Caramel color options. All vehicles shipped fully-loaded with the now mandatory Premium Package, and “Celebration” style wheels were now fitted over the previous Avus equipment.

Name Origin: With Avus Metallic being almost blue-like in appearance in certain lighting, Marlo has several water-meanings, one being “drop of the sea.”

Marlo was originally purchased in Beverly Hills. Not much is known about his history, but at 260,000 miles as of July 2022, this was clearly a road-warrior S8. The prior owner before me is highly mechanically-inclined, and was determined to keep this as his forever-car. However, sometimes need change, and I found him listed for sale. Knowing that I would most likely never pull the trigger on an S8 if it wasn’t one of the Avus/Burgundy cars, this was a painless decision. Right price, close by, and enough-wear-that-I-don’t-care meant this came home to join the rest of the fleet.

Notable Mods & Changes

2022: New Vehicle Purchase

Notable Items Replaced:

  • Rear Taillight
  • Center Console Wood Trim
  • Door Wood trims
  • Lloyd Mats in Burgundy
  • Center Wheel Caps
  • S8 Badging
  • C Pillar Cloth
  • Headlight Seals