I hate to admit it, but I *hated* my S8. Such a beautiful, fast car. It checked every single box for the perfect vehicle for trips… Comfortable, fun… I could go on. But unfortunately, it just wasn’t me. My daily drivers don’t necessarily need to be Audis, they just need to be old, and somewhat ridiculous. So here we are, stepping over to the British side of things. And it’s not totally without reason: some of my best memories as a child were with a collection of Cadillac limos, Rolls-Royces, and Jaguars. A white XJS comes to mind as the favorite of that collection, but as a 4-door guy, there was an XJ-something somewhere in the universe calling my name.


1991 Jaguar Vanden Plas 4.0L I6 | 4-Speed Automatic

Diamond Blue Metallic 743/JFN LY7J | Saville Grey Leather

MSRP (With Dealer Installed Accessories): $52,000 Estimated

Origin Dealer: Unknown

Factory Options: Heated Seats

Dealer Installed Accessories: None

Member of T44Brian Since 8/19/2022

Special Plate: COATNGO

Status: Daily Driver (Non-Permanent Collection)

Odd & Unique About This Car: The XJ40 tended to be all-over the place during its 1988-1994 production run. After purchasing this particular car, I was told I bought one of the “wrong years.” 1991 vehicles are equipped with such pesky items such as a mineral oil-driven SLS system and automatic seat belts.

Name Origin: A welsh-derived name, meaning “blue.”

After selling the S8 and a temporary romance with a Marketplace find 1996 XJ6, I decided to go for something a little bit older and more in line with my 1991 model year cutoff I stick with on the Audi side of things. Most of these XJ40s are pretty rough when they come to market, unless they’re garage kept low-mileage finds. Hoping to find a mostly-solid daily driver, Marlais came up one day shortly after selling the 1996 XJ6 for the right price. So one Friday, Marky had a layover in Newark, NJ, so I drove down to pick him up, and we went to Long Island to see the car, and then drive it back to CT. All-in-all, it was a 15-hour day of back and forth. Of course, a little rust and some small trim items are always problems on these, but easily remedied with some eBay parts and forum-searching. I purchased Marlais at 105,500 miles and as of November 2022 we’re already at 110K. As long as I check the oil every week it hasn’t let me down yet! Bring on winter!

Notable Mods & Changes

2022: New Vehicle Purchase

Notable Items Replaced or Repaired:

  • Rear Taillights
  • Wood Trim Kit
  • Chrome Trim
  • Badging
  • Center Wheel Caps with Fresh “Cats”
  • Headlight Washer Caps