The new headquarters of T44Brian is now complete. Look for expanded in-house content beginning in 2020, including DIY videos, a fully cataloged and browsable collection of Audi memorabilia, and video tours of each vehicle in the collection.

T44 HQ: The Details

The new building measures 40′ x 60′ and is unpartitioned, easily allowing reconfiguration. Right now, the garage has five “zones:”

Service: When Audis break, they can arrive at the front of the garage for necessary attention. This is considered the “dirty” area of the shop, where anything from oil changes to transmission rebuilds could occur. Eventually a mobile lift will be added. For now, this area has basic parts, my toolbox, as well as a coffee maker and fridge. As most of you know, I never start any under-hood without a fresh cup of coffee.

Museum: The rear of the garage is reserved to display current show vehicles and 80s Audi memorabilia. We’re starting off with two display cabinets but have the ability to add more in the future. Detailing supplies are also stored in this area.

Lounge: For those non-maddening repair days, a section is reserved for a living room-like experience. Comfortable wingback chairs, a bar, and a turntable allows HQ to not only be a place of work, but a place of coffee and conversation. Who knows: I may even throw in some arcade-style items in the future, too.

Flex: The middle of the garage is an open area. Effectively, this is a staging/detailing area for museum vehicles or where two vehicles could be parked in the event of overflow or a larger piece of equipment coming in for service.

Dad’s Workshop: My veteran diesel and heavy equipment mechanic father has elected to take the right front corner of the garage, which helps control “dirty” work to the front.

This initial setup leaves plenty of open space to keep a minimalistic “blank canvas” feel. That way, there won’t be an immediate need to shift items around to accommodate new arrivals to the collection. Who knows what the future holds?