Detailing Arsenal

2018 is looking like a Griot’s year – with a few other tricks up my sleeve – find out below!

If Type 44s are my passion, then detailing them would be my second! The purpose of this information is to assist in the preservation of your classic Audi’s interior and exterior trim. Due to the nature of parts availability and the declining integrity of materials as they age, it is important to use products that gently remove contamination and not leave residue behind, which guarantee you won’t see staining, warping, and other issues that would degrade the quality of your vehicle.

Any of the products I mention are all products I use on my own vehicles – and while I can say they are safe to use for my purposes – please use at your own risk! And if you have any questions beforehand – feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to assist – either on Instagram or use the contact form on my About page!

Interior and exterior info have their own pages – use the links below.

Interior Detailing
Exterior Detailing