Admittedly, Having a Daily with some Extra Power is Nice for a Change.
Specific CS Dashboard: As Close as We Could Find to Replace the Beloved Blue Interior of Zygmunt.
The Engine Bay Might Need a Good Once-Over but is the Least of Worries.

We Move Forward…

“…’Cause we can’t go back.” Time is a great healer but things weren’t the same around here without a 5000. In my downtime recovering I would persistently search, hoping a close match would present itself. And just as I was about to give up hope, fate brought something old and something new to the table.


1987 Audi 5000CS Turbo (Production 8/86)

2.2L I5 (MC) | 3-Speed Auto

Alpine White | Marine Blue Savoy Velour

MSRP: $27,470

Dealer: Bay Ridge Porsche-Audi, Brooklyn, NY

Factory Options: Automatic Transmission, Clearcoat Metallic Paint Delete (No Charge)

Dealer Installed Accessories: Two-Tone Pinstripe, Floor Mats

Member of T44Brian Since 1/14/2019

Special Plate: **On Order**

Status: In Progress Daily-Driver, 2019 Show Vehicle

Name Origin: Derived from original Germanic Audamar. Aud meaning “wealth, prosperity” and mar “fame.”

Ottmar is a city-slicker at heart: he was delivered to Bay Ridge Porsche-Audi in Brooklyn and sold to the owner of the Bay Ridge franchise, “Pop.” He would buy a new car every three years, and in 1990 with a little over 24K miles, Ottmar was available as a pre-owned vehicle. That’s when his long-term second owner noticed the car on the lot, stopped in and purchased him on the spot.

It is a great opportunity to get a full backstory of vehicles I purchase. Ottmar had just been put up for sale and I was the first person to call. It was clear that this would be my next car. I immediately connected with his owner over the fact that we both love our Audis and are also insanely meticulous with vehicles. His long-term history with Audis included a couple of C2 5000s, an ’86 5000 turbo quattro, and several A6s. He had just purchased his “dream” Porsche and figured after 28 years it was time to move on. I took a trip down to Staten Island to see Ottmar, bought him, and returned a few days later to drive him home.

Ottmar only traveled 14,000 miles with over nearly three decades. Admittedly, his previous owner was not one for leaving the island often. However, fearful of letting the car sit in the garage for too long, he always made the effort to bring him out on Sundays for a drive and all maintenance was based on time, not mileage.

Throaty and jumpy, Ottmar has been a great change of pace from the more relaxed 5-cylinders in the family. Not that I still don’t love my highway cruisers – we just get moving a little quicker from a stop or when merging on the highway. Pair that with a beautiful blue velour interior and a designated place to put my cassettes and I’m one happy guy.

That’s not to say Ottmar is completely ready to soak up the miles and go to shows. While his engine bay and interior are spotless, his body needs a little TLC. I also have brand new parts from Audi Tradition on order and a few other light upgrades in mind, plus some maintenance to ensure we can actually make it to shows without issue. By April, Ottmar will be truly ready for anything.


2019: New Vehicle Purchase

Upgrades and Refreshments:

  • NOS 15″ CS wheels from Audi Tradition
  • Audi Sport Steering Wheel by Nardi-Personal
  • Refreshed Side Moldings
  • New Left and Right Rear Door Glass & Seals
  • Refreshed Window Slot Chrome Trim for All Doors
  • Full Timing Belt Service
  • Full Cooling System Service
  • Front Splash Guards
  • Custom Lloyd All-Weather Floor Mats