As of October 2018, Greta has been retired from the lineup.
While a beautiful car, Greta had been in project mode since the winter
and several mechanical systems were beginning to fail.
It was not an easy decision, but as we move on with different projects
some cars have to be left behind.
On a positive note, I am keeping Greta in storage and she will be used
as a parts car. This way, we can continue to maintain 
the other vehicles as best as possible.

Notable Achievements: Alpha Class 2017 – Wolfsgart 8.0

Remember, there’s two Alpine White show cars: When in doubt, look for the the steel wheels with covers – that’s your dead giveaway the lady of the collection is in your presence.
No longer monotone, our newly hydrodipped Zebrano trim is the final touch for an otherwise perfect interior.

1989 Audi 100E (Production 10/88) 

2.3L I5 (NF) | 3-Speed Auto (087) 

Alpine White | Quartz Grey Serret Velour 

MSRP: $25,565 

Dealer: Lynnfield Porsche-Audi, Lynnfield, MA (Defunct) 

Factory Options: None Dealer Installed Accessories: Floor Mats, Pinstripes, Full Size Spare with Wheel Cover

Name Origin: Greek – pearl.” This is the only Audi to come pre-named.

Greta has spent her entire life in New England. Before my ownership, she stayed with the same owners in North Andover, MA for 25 years before being sold to their detailer in 2014 with 65K miles. The detailer immediately sold to the next owner, who used Greta as a daily driver for less than two years before my purchase in September 2016 at 80,103 miles.

Greta was used year-round in all weather conditions, but the first owners took meticulous care of her and always made sure to keep her detailed and properly running. Like the others, engine bay cosmoline remained intact until my ownership, but the undercarriage is still well-covered. All factory paint markings on the chassis are still present, too. At shows, she is presented with her full set of 1989 brochures, service records dating back to 1990, original window sticker, and original Audi Advantage New Owner Portfolio.

My original plan was to keep Greta 100% unmodified but I did eventually add 200 center tails. Her other upgrade is rather unique – being a 100E, wood trim was not equipped from the factory (it was planned with an airbag package if the E trim carried on for the 1990 model year, but that never made it to production). The soft-touch paint on the dashboard trim was beginning to fail, so I had the pieces finished by water transfer printing (more commonly known as hydrodipping) in a near-match Zebrano film. The results are absolutely stunning!

Greta had a busy 2017, traveling nearly 2,700 miles. I don’t have her scheduled for any destination shows for 2018, but expect to see her at more local venues.

Want to see Greta in person? Check my 2018 Calendar to see what events she’ll be attending. For further information or questions regarding Greta, go to my About page to get in touch with me. Greta’s window sticker and model year 1989 brochures and documentation can be viewed by visiting the Brochures & More page.