Cleaned up and running, but we are months out from road-worthy status.
Very minimal interior work is necessary.
Under-hood is where Florian falls apart, but a little paint and patience will go a long way.

Down on Power, Up on Headaches

When you deal with old Audis long enough, you begin to realize how few examples are left. A lot of once-nice vehicles that changed hands in the past 5-6 years have gradually come back up for sale, usually worse-for-wear. And it is in this state, usually, that determines their fate: save or scrap?


1985 Audi 4000S (Production 5/85)

1.8L I4 (MG) | 5-Speed Manual

Alpine White | Marine Blue Kensington Velour

MSRP: $15,420

Dealer: Porsche-Audi of Rockland, West Nyack, NY

Factory Options: Power Sunroof, Rothenburg Stereo (Port Install)

Dealer Installed Accessories: Pinstripes, Floor Mats, Sunroof Wind Deflector

Member of T44Brian Since 2/13/2019

Special Plate: TBD

Status: Project Vehicle

Location: West Garage, Workshop

Name Origin: Roman – “blossoming/flowering.” Given this name for blooming with algae at purchase.

Florian is the newest addition to the lineup. Originally sold at Porshce-Audi of Rockland, Florian was owned long-term by an Audi technician in New York until 2013, when he changed hands and moved to New Haven, CT for a year. Put up for sale again, he was purchased and moved to Rhode Island where he would end up seeing little use and was eventually parked in 2016.

February 2019: In one of my several daily Craigslist check-ins, Florian is put up for sale. With Ottmar joining the lineup less than a month ago and Erlend, the “real” B2 project still in progress, I would have normally passed on a car in its current state. However, Florian had several things going for him: 5-speed, blue interior, and stock. With a little cleanup and effort he might return to being a decent daily driver, right? The price was right and the trigger was pulled. With parking brake cables and rotors seized, he was dragged up onto the flatbed delivered the night before Valentine’s Day.

In the daylight not all hope was lost – A quick jump and he started right up, but a major fuel leak presented itself towards the rear. The radio works (and antenna fully extends and retracts, miraculously), and so do all the gauges. Under the hood is where it gets a little less decent, but enough positives outweigh the negatives.

Since B2-stablemate Erlend is a show car now, I have decided to make Florian a decent daily driver. Especially with all the work done to Ottmar who I’ll be driving in the summer only, it makes sense to slot Florian here. With the final touches being made both to Ottmar and Erlend, work will begin shortly. First order of business – scrub the algae off. Then we can dive into the nitty gritty.

There is a decent car underneath this layer of dirt… I think.

Things have been too…. nice (?) around here lately when it comes to daily drivers. Do I miss performing daily fixes to my gone but not forgotten 500K+ mile 100 sedan? What about the not-so-trusty but lovable 100 wagon that required frequent breakdown-lane surgery? Or the next Avant, Zygmunt, who poured ATF fluid everywhere but still made the daily commute to and from work with a near bone-dry transmission by the end of day? Of course I do!

With the addition of the West Garage, I can finally get Florian going. He will be the first project to grace the new building and is expected to be ready by Winter 2019.