Need a classic Audi that just works? When you spend the majority of your waking hours dealing with different stages of mechanical Audi limbo, there’s at least one car that is proven to start on the first try and keep cruising along without much effort. When you drive Edelweiss, you’re not supposed to have an agenda or a destination in mind. You can just soak up the miles, burn through the cassettes, and enjoy the old-world Audi experience at its best.

The longest-running show car in the T44Brian lineup.

Notable Achievements: 1st Place Audi – Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals 2017

No expense was spared by the first owners to keep Edelweiss in top condition – a tradition that continues as part of the T44Brian family.
Several 100s (including Edelweiss) I’ve come across over the years originally sold by Val Ward are all identical Alpine/Marine cars with cold weather packages, all sold to FL/CT snowbirds.

1990 Audi 100 (Production 9/89)

2.3L I5 (NF) | 3-Speed Auto (087)

Alpine White | Marine Blue Serret Velour

MSRP: $28,725

Dealer: Val Ward Audi, Fort Myers, FL (Defunct)

Factory Options: Cold Weather Package

Dealer Installed Accessories: Plush Floor Mats, Pinstripes, Paint Protection, 1000-Mile Service

Name Origin: German – edel “noble” + weiss “white.” The first low-mileage, well-preserved member of the T44Brian family. Also the first Alpine White vehicle. Always the easiest to get going after a period of hibernation and a proven reliable road-trip car.

Edelweiss was purchased new by retired restaurant owners from Prospect, CT, who lived in Fort Myers during the winter months. He saw 20K miles of use in the first three years before seeing a steady decline thereafter. In 2011, now both in their 90s, the couple permanently moved back to Connecticut but held onto the car until the husband’s passing in 2014. Edelweiss was then sold to a family friend who owned a dealership in Prospect in 2015, which is where I found him. I purchased him in March 2015 with 61,270 miles.

Now slowly approaching the 70K mark, Edelweiss remains a largely stock vehicle. Minor modifications include Audi 200 niceties such as center console wood trim and center taillights. Engine bay cosmoline remained intact until it’s removal upon my ownership, but the undercarriage is still well-covered. At shows, he is always presented with his original set of 1990 brochures and original window sticker hanging in the window.

Edelweiss had a busy 2017, traveling nearly 2,800 miles. I don’t have him scheduled for any destination shows for 2018, but expect to see him at more local venues.

Want to see Edelweiss in person? Check my 2018 Calendar to see what events he’ll be attending. For further information or questions regarding Edelweiss, go to my About page to get in touch with me. You can also view his original window sticker and related 1990 model year brochures and documentation by heading on over to the  Brochures & More page.