The T44Brian Collection

While nowhere near the size of some vehicle collections, T44Brian runs on a “Core” System, which means at any given time, all of the Permanent Collection vehicles are fully functional and up-to-date on maintenance and repairs. Any vehicle can step in for another as transportation or a show vehicle at any time.  Newer additions have been restored to strict tolerances, and existing vehicles have received a painstaking reassessment for quality assurance and OEM accuracy. Of course, these are 30+-year old vehicles and with lack of parts availability sometimes perfect isn’t possible. But I keep trying my best and improve on each restoration!

Permanent Collection Vehicles:

Current Audi Project:

Current projects are generally new additions that require full restorations. These are generally considered non-permanent cars of the collection until completion.


Non-Audi Vehicles:

While during show season and other random times of the year I may daily drive one of the Audis, they don’t always prove themselves to be safe and reliable daily transportation at this age. I have a couple other vehicles for general business and personal use to fill that gap. After having one of the Audis totaled due to a careless driver I try to keep the remainder of the fleet under wraps as much as possible – they are a precious commodity here!