While nowhere near the size of some vehicle collections, T44Brian runs on a “Core-4” System, which means at any given time, four Classic Audis are fully functional and up-to-date on maintenance and repairs. Any vehicle can step in for another as transportation or a show vehicle at any time. Newer additions have been restored to strict tolerances, and existing vehicles have received a painstaking reassessment for quality assurance and OEM accuracy. Of course, these are 30+-year old vehicles and with lack of parts availability sometimes perfect isn’t possible. But I keep trying my best and improve on each restoration!


Yes, it needs to get places, but not without some trouble along the way. Like the Avants before it, a true T44Brian daily driver is a slightly rough (but running) project that is constantly being improved upon. For 2020, we have the ultimate Avant; where we’ll go with it is anyone’s guess!

Franz – 1991 Audi 200 20v Avant


I try to do one project a year and whatever is listed here is most likely in pieces waiting on parts from Germany… Whatever it is, it’s a unique vehicle and something that will remain in the collection permanently going forward! I never like to repeat history!

Amy – 1990 Audi 80