A Decade Gone, A Decade and Beyond Ahead

A lot happens in 1,557 days. November 28, 2018 is a day that I no longer give much mind to, except on each November 28 that has come and gone since. I don’t actually drive on that day… Anywhere. Am I superstitious? Maybe a little. And yes, we lost a beautiful ‘84 5000 wagon that night, but I didn’t lose my life or become permanently injured, and I have a strong C-pillar to thank for that. I have my forever Audi sedans, which occupied a good chunk of those days locating and restoring. The 4000, 5000 Turbo, and V8 were all completed during this time and will remain with me until the day I die, but something was still missing and I would be forever searching for the quad-headlight station wagon that made the ultimate sacrifice. Now, the search is over. And it’s a chapter with great weight that can be lifted off my shoulders. So for the 10-year anniversary of T44Brian, I found exactly what I was looking for.


1985 Audi 5000S Wagon (Production 2/85) 2.2L I5 (KZ) | 3-Speed Automatic (087) 

Stone Grey Metallic LY7U | Grey Perforated Leatherette

MSRP: $21,690 Dealer: Holbert Audi, Warrington, PA (now Audi Warrington)

Factory Options: Perforated Leatherette Interior, Roof Rails, Rothenburg AM/FM Stereo, Power Sunroof

Dealer Installed Accessories: None

Member of T44Brian since 3/4/2023

Special Plate: COATNGO

Status: Completed Restoration, Permanent Collection

Notable Awards: TBA

Odd & Unique About This Car: 1985 US-Spec 5000S cars are somewhat of a transitional mixed bag. Aside from revised paint choices, there were also some design quirks from the base ‘84s that have been resolved: the window switches are now door-mounted rather than below the head unit on the center console, scratchy “not quite velour, not quite tweed” seating fabrics moved to the pinstriped mouse-fur “Kensington” style, and all models, including the 5000S Turbo, received wider-chromed door side moldings to now match chrome bumper filler trims, which were previously body-colored. On the wagons specifically, rear speakers moved from the cargo area to the rear door cards, and the perforated leatherette interior was now a $90.00 upgrade over the new standard velour (cloth was always standard on the sedans, and leatherette would disappear from the lineup after 1986). The 2.14L WU engine is now a 2.22L KZ, which nets a pleasant-on-paper but nearly undetectable 10 horsepower gain. The quad headlamp setup sees its final year across the line, and for ‘86, the wagon’s large rear spoiler will be reduced significantly in size for better rear visibility.

Name Origin: In Hebrew, Arley means “promise.” With a promise to myself to find another 5000 wagon and a re-commitment to drive exclusively 80s Audi vehicles, we kick off the next chapter of T44Brian with a fleet that was specifically curated and built to my personal tastes.

Notable Mods & Changes

2023: Restoration

  • 15” Steel Wheels with Aero Wheel Covers
  • NOS Front & Read Splash Guards
  • NOS Sets of Floor Mats, Grey & Black
  • Refurbished Instrument Cluster with Replacement Autocheck Module
  • New Coolant & Brake Fluid Reservoirs
  • Full CIS System Refurbishment
  • New Rear Antenna
  • Paint Correction & Trim Refurbishment
  • Replacement Window Chrome Trim
  • Replacement Front Speakers