Unfortunately when time marches on, certain resources become obsolete. The original registry (which can be viewed HERE) is not being updated and lists vehicles that are known to be parted, totaled, and/or junked. This serves as version 2.0. As we approach a new decade it’s definitely time to see again just how few examples are left.

As with the original registry, the sole purpose is to document as many of the American and Canadian delivered 200 20v Avants as possible regardless of current status or condition. Submissions of 20v sedans, 10v 200s, vehicles outside of North America, and other Audi models will be rejected. You must be the current owner of the vehicle. Should a project car get restored, a current stock car have modifications performed, etc – just resubmit a new form with the changes made and your entry will be updated. Please try to email photos of your vehicle within 48 hours of submitting the form.

Submit your 1991 Audi 200 20v Avant

The Registry

Avant #1 | WAUHE5443MN018805 | 221K | Suffield, CT

Lago Blue | Platinum Sport Seats | Daily Driver | Stock | OG Registry: #27

My 20v (Franz) had been long-term owned in Vermont before joining the lineup in October 2019. Currently daily driven and always a work in progress.

Avant #2 | WAUHE5442MN018410 | 196K | Housatonic, MA

Panther Black | Graphite Sport Seats | Restoration | Modified | OG Registry: NA

“This particular 20V Avant was a long time dream of mine to build. I first saw this car about 9 years ago when I moved to Pittsfield, Ma. The gentleman who owned this car lived across the street from me and I always was hooked. Bought my 20v almost 2 years ago Currently it is undergoing an extensive restoration, after sitting for at least the last 5 years previous to my ownership. Engine has been gone through and sorted, was in near perfect shape! Head has been ported and polished, new valves installed high rate valve springs and titanium retainers, lightweight lifters and 7a cams, fully studded as well. More to come as the budget allows!”

Avant #3 | WAUHE5448MN006519 | 171K | Houghton, MI

Pearl White| Platinum Comfort Seats | Non-Op/Storage | Stock |OG Registry: NA

“I have had this well documented 200 20v since 2014. It does have it’s issues but is complete along with many extra parts.”

Avant #4 | VIN Requested Private | 254K | Tabernash, CO

Pearl White| Platinum Comfort Seats | Operational/Storage | Stock | OG Registry: NA

“Bought in Oct 2018. It’s a solid running and driving car that’s bone stock, previously owned by an older lady who gave up driving the car last year at age 85. It’s been a Boulder car since 1995. It’s currently not licensed and parked at my mountain property. I was going part it out, but it’s pretty complete so it might be part of the fleet.

Avant #5 | WAUHE5440MN021872 | 218K | Reno, NV

Pearl White| Graphite Sport Seats | Operational/Daily Driver | Stock | OG Registry: NA

“Mostly stock other than some hoses and wheels, etc. Owned for a little over 2 years at this point (10/27/2019). Originally sold in CO, went to Phoenix for a few years, then to the California Bay area where I bought it and brought to Reno, NV.”

Avant #6 | WAUHE5444MN017016 | 247K | North Branford, CT

Crystal Silver| Graphite Comfort Seats | Operational/Daily Driver | Stock | OG Registry: NA

“Bought from second owners in late 2013. Power steering pump needed a rebuild and that was about it to get it driving. Had a TAP chip that I swapped the ECU for an MRC tuned unit. Hits 22psi.
Bilstein HDs all round. Powerflex front sway bushings. Custom poly rear lower arm bushings.
034 breather and boost hoses. 034 shifter. 034 intake spacer.Custom spherical setup at trans end of linkage. IAbed throttle cam.
B5 S4 wheels with 225/45-17 X-ice in winter. Rotiform WGR in 18×8.5 with 255/35-18 firehawk Indy 500 in summer.
Center muffler rotted and was deleted.
UFOs were replaced with B7 A4 parts.
Euro sport steering wheel, Lloyd mats and an old kenwood CD player are the only interior mods.
Stock clutch was replaced in 2014 but slips at full boost, southbend stage 2 is on the shelf for when I have time. At some point it’ll probably get a downpipe and custom exhaust and converted to AAN management with 42# injectors but for now it works as a driver that sees a lot of winter duty.”

Avant #7 | WAUHE544XMN017991 | 84.5K | Seattle, WA

Lago Blue | Platinum Comfort Seats | Operational/Daily Driver | Stock | OG Registry: #64 and #81 (Duplicate)

“This car was purchased after being displayed at the 2015 Audi Expo in Tacoma, WA by the grandson of the second owner, who bought the car in 1993 from what I’ve been told. It was treated a a garage queen for its entire life, and it shows. It’s almost completely stock, except for the relayed Euro lights, and “sport” front seats installed (so the factory “comfort” seats can be preserved inside my house. I drive it sparingly, and only on nice days. I maintain it religiously and enjoy driving it immensely. I also have another 200 20v Avant that is my daily driver.”

Avant #8 | WAUHE5444MN005125 |215.5K | Seattle, WA

Cyclamen Red Mica | Platinum Sport Seats | Operation/Daily Driver | Stock | OG Registry: NA

“I purchased this Avant in the Summer of ‘16 from the sister of the late owner, a gentleman who passed away two years prior. The car was dirty, had a few flat tires, and a dragging brake master cylinder, but I brought my own wheels and limped it home. It cleaned up nicely, and proved to actually be a quite well-maintained example. I did a ton more maintenance to get it road-worthy, and I have taken it on several 1000+ mile road trips.

This Avant my primary daily driver. It’s mostly stock, but I added Euros, a Ben Swann chip, and a V8q Torsen rear differential. More powertrain and suspension mods are planned for Spring 2020. Still running UFOs, which I prefer over the G60 conversion many of these vehicles have undergone. HP2s are being considered for the spring mods, so I can save my UFOs for my other garage queen Avant.”

Avant #9 | WAUHE5441MN021847 | 153K | San Francisco, CA

Pearl White | Graphite Comfort Seats | Operational/Daily Driver | Modified | OG Registry: NA

“Sold new by Carousel Motors in Minneapolis 2/26/91 to a female owner. Second owner was a doctor in Montana who bought it 10/29/96 at 55,550 miles
Third owner (Also in MT) bought it 8/10/05
Fourth owner bought it 3/28/15
I bought it 7/10/18
Has 16” UrS4 Fuchs, stage 2 clutch, ARP head studs, 36# injectors”

Avant #10 | WAUHE5445MN018630 | 132K | Bozeman, MT

Lago Blue | Platinum Comfort Seats | Operational/Daily Driver |Stock | OG Registry: #68

Lowered, black interior swap with sport seats from 20vt sedan, silicone hoses, normal maintenance stuff.

Avant #11 | VIN Requested Private | 180.5K | Hermitage, PA

Pearl White | Nautical Sport Seats | Operational/Daily Driver |Stock | OG Registry: NA

“I believe I’m the second owner of this avant. Original owners were a old couple who bought the car new in Colorado. They seemed to have used it up until about a couple years ago when they stopped driving it as often due to their age. At around this time they shipped it to a relative near Maryland to use as his car had broken down early that spring. He drove the car that summer and when fall came around he went to ship it back to the couple and they said to go ahead and sell it surprisingly. So I ended up spotting the sale ad and picked it up! just been doing some light changes and trying to update things.

EFI express tune
bosch red injectors
034 wastegate spring
034 motor mounts
034 trans mounts
034 short shift kit
3 inch exhaust /borla muffler

Avant #12 | WAUHE5444MN016996 | 271K | Columbus, OH

Titanium Grey | Graphite Sport Seats | Operational/Daily Driver | Modified| OG Registry: #52

“This Avant has spent the last few years in Colorado until I flew out in March 2019 to bring it back to Ohio.

It’s been well taken care of and modified by the previous owner. Volvo K24 at 28psi, VEMS, DIY coilovers, Brembo F40s, Clutchnet Red pressure plate. Cosmetically, pretty rough but she runs and launches like a champ! I’d like to clean it up and make a nice sleeper out of it.”

Avant #13 | WAUHE5443MN018268 | 251K | Colorado Springs, CO

Crystal Silver | Graphite Sport Seats | Non-Op/Storage | Stock | OG Registry #: NA (Possibly #25)

“Porsche brakes”

Avant #14 | WAUHE5442MN018794 | 200+K | Doylestown, OH

Cyclamen Red Mica | Travertine Comfort Seats | Restoration |Modified | OG Registry#: NA

“Bought in July 2019 from a small dealership that specialized in obscure cars. As of now, it appears to have lowering springs, an intake, 034 hoses, a blow-off valve, and wheels. It is very much a project car, as it’s missing a lot of the exterior trim pieces, has some rust on the rear driver’s wheel-well, badly burns oil, very few of the gauges work, the headliner needs redone, etc. I plan for it to be a fully-built sleeper when complete.”

Avant #15 | WAUHE5443MN006380 | 180K | Meeker, OK

Clearcoat Black | Travertine Comfort Seats | Restoration |Modified | OG Registry#: NA

“This thing sat in a field in Oklahoma for, what I’m told, close to 15 years after it “broke down” on the previous owner. Overrun by rats and mice and rusting away. I’ve looked for one for years but Oklahoma is not a hotbed of Audis. Close to 10 pounds of rat droppings removed inside and out, lots of rust repair, stripped to a bare shell, but now going back together! 14 months in at this stage, lots of mods, a few changes to the body, new paint, etc…it never ends!”

Avant #16 | WAUHE5445MN010026 | 179K | Fawn Grove, PA

Lago Blue (*Repainted in Oceanic) | Platinum Comfort Seats | Restoration | Stock | OG Registry #: 40

“Bought in September ’19 where it had been sitting for probably 6mo-1yr. It was repainted in mid ’00s and overall has been kept in good condition by previous owners, and pretty much has lived most of it’s life in Virginia and MD. Currently a project with a minor transmission problem, along with the whole brake system and most of the suspension.
Engine is very healthy and builds revs/boost well, and the body is straight with only some rust on the RF fender. Plans for now are just to get it running and road legal, and then prepare it for a Radwood event or two in ’20”